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Pippa, and the hoar frost.

Pippa, and the hoar frost.

She woke up anticipating a beautiful hoar frost. Unfortunately, her sleeping habits caused over-sleeping and she missed it. By the time morning meals were finished, crockery rinsed and drying, and proper attire worn…the frost had dissipated under the warming licks of the Sun.

Pippa in her Fall knits. By Fig and Me. 

She has been waiting for gloomy days, for fog and storms. I keep telling her that November in Mexico is like May in Canada. Chilly in the mornings, cold at night, but warm (so warm) throughout the day. The light at this time of the year, especially somewhere around 8 AM (the time we ventured out) is the stuff of dreams, so beautiful, with almost a shine to it. Pippa can't believe her eyes: laurels in full bloom next to yellowing trees. A completely different Fall than she was thinking of.


Pippa thinking about the differences in the season from living in Canada, to now Mexico. By Fig and Me.

 Pippa sometimes wears her braids like this, and then she pretends to be a german shepherdess. By Fig and Me.

Pippa sometimes wears her braids like this, and then she pretends to be a german shepherdess. By Fig and Me.

Pippa wears her blue linen skirt, with handy pockets for treasure-stashing. By Fig and Me.

Pippa shows off her blue beret, with a sweet lace pattern and tiny ribbing + her matching cardigan with her customary four wooden buttons. By Fig and Me. 

I asked Pippa why she loves to wear so much blue. I thought she was going to mention the ocean (where she is headed) or the sky (she looks up to the mighty heavens all the time) but she said something much simpler: "It just makes me happy". I can certainly sympathize, as blue is one of my favourite colours, if not the one I love the most…but I don't always wear it like her. Bathed in blue like a forget-me-not. And then it struck me! My dolls used to have last names, once upon a time, and Pippa will continue the tradition with hers: Pippa Forget-me-not. I hope her Mom approves.

Pippa, a natural waldorf-inspired cloth art doll by Fig and Me. She measures almost 18" tall, is made with soft cotton skin and stuffed with warm wool. Her hair is made of camel weft. Wears all-natural fibers.

Little wool embroidery flowers on her cardigan. Waldorf-inspired doll clothing by Fig and Me. 

 Pippa, a custom 18" figlette, natural waldorf-inspired art doll by Fig and Me. 

Pippa, a custom 18" figlette, natural waldorf-inspired art doll by Fig and Me. 

Waldorf-style doll beret, hand knit with vintage irish wool and topped with a sweet wool felt bead. By Fig and Me. 

As you can see, Pippa and I have taken so much time to decide little details of her clothes, and we are so proud we want to "enumerate" because making lists is always fun for us both:

 * Notice the little lace pattern we used for her beret. It has a fantabulous wool felt bead instead of a pompom. Pippa thought that was hilarious.

* We chose to make her skirt pockets with contrasting linen, and then bend the corners to allow her to sneak her hands more comfortably as she stashes treasures found along the way. She also chose blue-and-white gingham wooden buttons for the straps and waist band. 

* A little wool embroidery on her sweet cardigan, we sure are digging the wool embroidery these days. Warms our hands it does.

* A pair of chunky moccasins atop blue-and-white striped slouchy socks. I think I will go to my death bed wishing for just the thing.

* We chose puffed sleeves for her top, which we almost always go against if the doll is going to wear a cardigan on top. But she said she needed some "attention" there to hold the straps of her skirt "with dignity". So puffed long sleeves, with cashmere ribbed cuffs and collar. The fabric for her top is one of my favourites: small pink flowers on a background of while polka dots on blue.

That is it for her Fall outfit. We shall bring you her next adventure in the fashion show that this is turning out to be! A clue: Winter is coming! hehehe. Hope you enjoy seeing all these pics of Pippa, I love to photograph her and know her Mom will just adore her. 

Pippa pouting because she missed the frost. By Fig and Me. 

Pippa in her Fall outfit, by Fig and Me.

Pippa, with her hands in her pockets, by Fig and Me. 

My sweet Pippa, a custom figlette doll by Fig and Me. 

See you all soon in a couple of days!. Stay warm.

Pippa and Winter.

Pippa and Winter.

Pippa, red faced and eager.

Pippa, red faced and eager.