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And so Carolina meets Cedar.

And so Carolina meets Cedar.

Cedar is an 8.5" tall cloth doll, made with cotton and stuffed with wool. By Fig and Me.

A little bird told me Carolina really, really, really loved cats. All sorts of cats. Obviously I had to try to send her home with a wee cloth kitten of her own. My intentions were pure, however I think I ended up creating something between a fox and a mouse. 

The fox-look-a-like might be due to the fact of having just sewn five Wee Baby Foxes, and the mousy-ness must be due to my eagerness to make a mouse doll. I am in the design stages and I think my fingers played a trick on me. Carolina decided she is a cat, and named her Cedar. She said Cedar doesn't like to eat tuna, and instead prefers tea and crumpets. But of course.

Carolina hiding and playing outside. by Fig and Me.

Cedar is a cloth doll and wears her hand knit wool bonnet, by Fig and Me.

Carolina and Cedar, two natural cloth dolls ready for play. By Fig and Me.

My daughters mentioned to me that Cedar looks very pouty…or concerned. I agree. I think Cedar is always worried about Carolina getting into trouble and being the young and considerate friend she is, tries to warn her of not snagging her wooly cloak on the wooden fence or getting her hand knit shoes lost while climbing said fence. I wish I could say Carolina pays attention to Cedar's heed, however…well, she doesn't. Carolina has absolutely no room for being mindful of clothing, she just wants to play and that is all she does. Amen.

Cedar, a pretty cloth doll by Fig and Me. 

Now Carolina, like I mentioned before, is a custom 18" figlette. She has pretty suri alpaca hair, crocheted into a wig with pretty mohair yarn. Her face is needle-felted and sculpted to resemble the human child she was made after. She wears her pink jersey undies, her cozy ribbing socks and hand knit wooly boots. She has a pair of very cozy cotton overalls that have long shoulder ties, and a nice tshirt underneath. Carolina is so playful I decided to give her a fantabulous hooded cloak, made of woven wool and lined with dotty cotton. Seeing I am going though an embroidery kick, I did quite a bit of wool stitching to adorn her cloak and had the time of my life. She does have a wee surprise for her mom, that we must leave out obviously.

Carolina in her wooly hooded cloak, by Fig and Me. 

Carolina, an 18" custom-made figlette by Fig and me. 

Carolina and Cedar, a set of handmade natural fiber art dolls by Fig and Me.

Carolina and her woven wool hooded cloak, by Fig and Me. 

Cedar is much smaller, measuring about 8,5" tall. She is made with cotton muslin and stuffed (not so firmly) with wool. She has a hand-painted face, red-blushing cheeks and embroidered nose. She wears a lined cotton dress with a fancy ruffle and a hand-knit wool bonnet. Carolina takes the bonnet on and off all day, I do hope Cedar endures the work of those chubby hands.

Cedar, a natural cloth doll by Fig and Me. 

Carolina and Cedar, two natural fiber art dolls by Fig and me.

Cedar, a natural cloth doll by Fig and Me.

And with that, we only have to wait a little longer to send them home. In the mean time we can try Cedar's palate and see what other foods she enjoys. We can also try to teach Carolina to be a bit more gentle with Cedar's bonnet, and to always ask first. We have a bit of a road ahead of us so wish us luck. 

We hope with all our heart this set of dolls is of the utmost satisfaction to their mother, and that she plays with them constantly. As for me, I am deeply grateful for the chance to create them, to satisfy the needs of my inner child and to be able to see them come to life before my very eyes. Thank you Courtney! I hope you love them both.

Little Tammy sewing pattern, finally ready.

Little Tammy sewing pattern, finally ready.