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Designing doll dresses, DIY and more patterns.

Little Blue Dress, DIY doll clothing pattern by Fig&me.

I love designing doll clothes, it has got to be one the most exciting parts of being a doll maker. I have been slightly terrified of publishing my doll clothing patterns because of what entails putting it all on paper and making sure the instructions are legible and right. But I fear no more, and little by little you will start seeing many of my designs available as DIY doll clothing patterns. Every year I embark on such new adventures, don't i? No rest for the wicked.

Gracie, a natural waldorf inspired doll by Fig and Me.

It all started with sharing my extremely simple knitting patterns, geared towards the beginner. The person who is starting to learn to knit and wants to try their hand at knitting something useful, what better way than to start in doll-size? Things take so little time and the results are almost always cute to no end due to size. Over the years I have been adding to the repertoire, also increasing the level of difficulty when just published Galanthus Nivalis, the set I made for Fernanda and which Poet kindly models for us. You will be able to find something to suit your knitting level in my humble store.

As for sewing, well, that takes a little bit more time and commitment, both of which I happen to have at the moment. It also helps when you have such pretty dolls lying around at the time and they beg to be included in this adventure. So, as my first sewing PDF pattern, which will be available for download in a week or two, you will find a beautiful and simple, classic in design, never out of style, long dress with flutter sleeves and lining. The one I made for Gracie was sewn with pure linen and cotton chambray and you will find more details when the pattern is released, but for now I wanted to show you how pretty she looks wearing this concoction of my sewing machine and my trusty scissors.

Gracie, a natural waldorf inspired doll by Fig and Me.

Gracie is a 17" figlette (custom order) and so the dress will fit dolls from 16" to 21" tall, as long as their chest is not too wide or their arms too chubby. I am pretty sure my sweet Hettie Gray (23" tall) would be able to wear it but it will be a bit too short for her. In any case, I will be sharing more snippets of this design publishing adventure, hope you tag along and be sure to let me know if there is something you would like me to create as a pattern. My pattern folders are brimming to the top and is about time I start sharing the wealth. 

Hope you are all enjoying a beautiful weekend, I sure am. 

Girls and dolls.

Girls and dolls.

Hettie Gray, you sure are special.