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Wee pocket babies

Three little conspiring babies, by Fig&me

Some wee pocket babies got up bright and early and decided the day had come to pop into the shop. If you would like to come and take a look, and bring one home we would be delighted to send one your way. 

A rose hip baby, by Fig&me

A lone ranger, by Fig&me

A small village of babies, by Fig&me

I will have some Wee Babies tonight, available comment-style to families who do not own one, the comments will be open for a full day so we will choose families tomorrow night. And another batch of pocket dolls will be in the shop in the coming days, think stripes, pink and maybe even some red ones for those on the Valentine wagon. But I must go because today is just the perfect day to go snow-sliding and play with sleighs all day. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Wee Babies, for the newbie family.

DollyMo yarns, perfect for dolly hair.

DollyMo yarns, perfect for dolly hair.