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The most wonderful time

Christmas joy

So it says the song, and I do have to agree. These winter holidays have to be the most exciting time of the year, at least for us. And not just because of the anticipation of the Christmas celebration, and all the hidden presents, the sneaky crafting and all of that, but also because it brings family together: to cook, to bake, to craft, to create, to sing, to play board games, to rejoice in the company of one another.

Christmas decorations

I miss my mexican family so much. I miss the flavours of a mexican Christmas, the smells and the different kind of winter. But after these six years of ex-patriate celebration, I have learned to appreciate the canadian celebrations: perogies, cabbage rolls, hot chocolate and marshmallows (no cinnamon here! heresy!!), chocolate bark and all kinds of different sweets, a different recipe to cook the turkey, the christmas crackers in exchange for the piñatas and posadas. I try as much as possible to imbue our Christmas celebration with a little of what I grew up with: paper flags, cinnamon and oranges, advent candles, calientitos (a beverage that requires mostly ingredients unavailable to me, but that now that we have moved closer to Toronto there is some of that stuff available to us), etc. We are going to attempt tamales and also churros con chocolate. Because to me Christmas is no Christmas without them.

The joys

It snowed again and so my fears of an un-white Christmas have been erased. The girls made a snowman with their Grandfather this morning, and now they are off for a walk, while Mom and Dad (as usual) are working feverishly at every chance they get, to finish the Christmas presents. I am almost positive we will be wrapping things in the wee hours of Christmas Eve, it seems to be our tradition. I hope I get to wear skates this year, and I get to try my legs on some frozen ponds.

Feliz Navidad

In the mean time, I wish you the best, and I hope you get to eat lots of yummy food, and take time to spend around those that make you happy. I wish you a nice winter walk, with rosy cheeks and sparkly eyes. I will be back shortly after so you can tell me how it all happened. So many dolls are waiting to be discovered, and I almost can't wait! Merry Christmas to you, and Happy and Joyous fourth sunday of Advent. Like my girls have been saying all day: two more sleeps! (I better get going or I won't finish!).

Soup simmers

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