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Batkhuyag, a mongolian warrior.

Little hunter

Sorry for the absence the last couple of days, I have been sick and trying to rest as much as possible in between bouts of energy and dollmaking. This fellow was getting very anxious to come and meet everybody so without much delay here he is: Little Batkhuyag, a mighty archer from the steppes of Mongolia.

Mongolian hat

Batkhuyag, or strong warrior, is a little boy who dreams one day of having his own horse, to ride the steppe where he has never been before. For now, he is not allowed to take the horses out to play, so he tries to be a good boy and do as he is told...for now. He knows that one day he will be a mighty warrior and hunt for his family with this very special bow.

Little Mongolian archer Mongolian bow details

Since the horse is his favourite animal,  his father made him a special mongolian bow with horses on both ends. Batkhuyag smiles every time he sees them, and wonders and dreams all different names for his future horse. He is learning to make arrows, and while sometimes he loses one or two, he always tries very hard to go and find it. It is said it's bad luck to lose an arrow, so he doesn't tell anybody when he can't find one, and the next day (bright and early) he sets out to search for it again. He always does. He is getting better at shooting his bow, although for now he is working on speed and aim. At least he knows how to hold the bow, and more or less to aim successfully at a target. But he doesn't have strong arms yet to held a bigger bow and really hunt with it. He is such a good boy, he doesn't complain about it, knowing that he will just get bigger and stronger and his abilities will then increase.

Batkhuyag and his goodies

Batkhuyag wants to teach someone else how to play with his very special bow and arrows. He says they are toys that work, but that have to be used gently, as to not hurt somebody else, or break them. He says his father broke two bows trying to make him one (much to the dollmaker's dismay!) and so this one is just even more special, not only because it works perfectly, but because 3 is a lucky number. He is very superstitious, this little boy of ours.

Quiver and arrows

Batkhuyag is the last little boy in the Ancient Warrior collection. A collection dreamed with toys that reminisce of times gone, a collection in which I tried to mirror the many games and pretend adventures that I see little boys embark on. I hope you enjoy seeing them all come to life as much as we did.

Batkhuyag and his arrows

Little Batkhuyag is a 14" tall doll, made with cotton and stuffed with wool. His hair is a mix of llama/wool and the strands have been attached one by one, to a cap sewn to his head. He is wearing linen clothes, a top that closes with a wooden bead and elastic loop, and comfy pants with elastic on legs and waist. His wooly boots keep his toes toasty, and his furry cap does the part of the mongolian attire (it is made with rabbit pelt).

Mongolian wooden bow

My husband designed and created Batkhuyag's bow. It is made of wood, the handle is made of leather, and it has leather cord through out. The bow is fully functional (it measures 17" from horse head to horse head), and will shoot the arrows quite far, so please be careful when using it. It doesn't shoot them too hard but it could still cause damage. The arrows are made of wood, and have also been trimmed with leather. The soft ends are blunt and will not pierce. The beautiful quiver where Batkhuyag stores his precious arrows is also made of leather and hand sewn. A lot of time was spent creating this set of toys for Batkhuyag, it required several trials to get the bow to work properly without breaking once strung. That is why this little fellow took a little  longer than expected.

The last warrior

Batkhuyag's toys

If you would like to bring him into your home, please leave your name and email address, and we will select a person to purchase him on Monday December 10th at 12:00 PM EST. The price for Batkhuyag and his bow, arrows and quiver is $330 USD plus postage charges. Thank you so much for your patience, for your support and for coming to read about him. He is very eager and excited to show someone how to play with his bow. We would recommend this set of toys for a child 5+, one that can learn how to play with it gently and responsibly. Good luck!!

Thank you lovely people, for entering the comment-style offering of Little Batkhuyag. I have just 
messaged the selected recipient, and if all goes well he will be going home without delay
so that he can start practicing in his new home with his bow and arrows!

Now, all I will have for you is the wonderful development 
and unveiling of my last doll for sale in this collection. 
Stay tuned as she is a force of nature 
to be reckoned with. 
More soon!

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