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Off she goes!

These red boots

The morning turned out great! Mattie and I added the last little bits of ric rac to her dress, and ironed some seams into submission. "Take care not to flatten the tucks" she says, adding "please and thank you" in the end. I wasn't sure if she was being sassy, bossy, or just overly proper. She tends to keep me on  my toes, because her sweetness and temperament is always so over the top that I think she is joking.

Mathilda Cupcake

"But Mattie, shouldn't we make you a slip to wear under such fine linen dress?" I inquired with a slightly demanding under tone. "Nope, I am ready to go and meet Suzi" she said. She knows me well. She knows that I have been lagging and post-poning finishing her dress, because that technically meant she was to be sent home. "But...shouldn't we maybe try to take some photos of you outside? You have such a lovely set of Fall clothes, it's a shame, really, not to take you outside for a spin and a tumble!" I argued.

"Look Fabs, you knew this time was going to come, right? It is always the same thing with you! I have seen you pack my sisters away and you are always a little bit sad and a little bit giddy. Don't worry, I will be OK. I will travel fast and sooner than later I will be out of that wretched box, and Suzi will introduce me to all my sisters and cousins and friends. I hear she has quite the collection of toys for me to play with!", she replied. She replied with so much eagerness and contentment that I almost felt bad for wanting to double check that everything was fine and dandy with her clothes.

Vintage style doll dress
Alright, alright. Mattie has now a fantabulous pink linen dress, with front release tucks (my absolute favourites!) edged with a band, peter pan collar trimmed with ricrac, puffy short sleeves gathered with elastic, and double wide hem. She seems to be very excited to meet her new Mom, and I suppose I need to pack her up. Boo! To take my mind off such matters, I will perhaps play with her hair for a little longer, or try to find Hansel and Gretel who seemed to have disappeared from my work table. I fear the hands of two little girls...or worse! they have gone into the dark forest! I better run.

Working, working.

Where it all started.