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Oh Rapunzel, let down your hair...

Giggle, giggle! Every time we say that around here we all laugh...especially because my youngest daughter pronounces it like "ruh-puhm-so". Good times! Even though in all honesty this sweet doll does have shoes (somewhere over there, in the mess that I have just created), I just couldn't wait another second to take her photos and show her properly dressed.

The whole crown thing is cracking me up. I usually go for a different style of crowns, more like tiaras I guess. And that is because I like that the crowns stay put if you add a bit of elastic on the back, without losing glamour. But Rapunzel was adamant: her crown needed to be the fairy-tale version. Tall, skinny and with pronounced points on the top. After a few "what-to-do-about-the-crown" meetings, I decided to listen to her and make her the crown just the way she wanted. And I am so happy I did. Since she wont have a proper tower in which to arrive, I decided to make her crown a bit more "tower-like" than usual, to give that impression to her new mom.

You might remember my not-so-private conversation in regards to giving this doll a bit of spaniard feel. I was starting to go on a long tangent, when I came back to reality and decided that I had to make the doll appear like the more traditional Rapunzel, or her little Mom would not have a clue what kind of doll she was being given this coming Christmas. But, I still did my thing a little bit: I made her dress with a rather loose neckline, to resemble those beautiful flamenco shirts I saw all over the place in Granada. She also has a bit of a gipsy feel, with her crazy prints, and flounce, and sashed belt. I hope her little Mom loves her, since she is so enamoured with this fairy tale character.

I also added a hooded capelet. Just because it is getting chilly in northern Ontario, and I felt she needed something cozy to protect those naked shoulders. Her cape is made with soft velour and lined with cotton, and its pretty much reversible. So double the fun! Now I am off to talk to Mr. Tinderbox, and finally figure out what kind of special magic little elfs require when they need to grow their wispy ears. Back in a jiffy.

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