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The Dressmaker

Was at it again yesterday. The girls took a little trip to the lake with their Grandma, and me and my sewing machine got cooking the most yummy Amelia dresses. Oh yes, I have decided to name all my clothes too. How's that for cheeky? So this dress is named Amelia, from now on, in honour of the cutie pie who first sported the dress. If I can recall dresses or items of clothing that have been challenges or major proud achievements, I would say we have an Audrey dress, a Meerah dress, a Katerina tunic, Katya's rompers, Polaris cross-over top, Beluga's cape, Pilar dress, Tati's pinafore, Philippa dress, Celina's romper, Celina dress, Celina this and that and the other. So many items of clothing are dancing now in my head. But I will spare you.

So, we did finish the Amelia dresses for the store, which will be available for sale tomorrow, Tuesday July 10 at 8 AM EST (I know, I will be up early too). There is only one of each, but there are three dresses to choose from in two sizes. The big size fits 16"/18"/21" dollies (with differences in length of course) and also these fit 18" Froken Skicklig dolls and 17" Best Friend dolls by Little Jenny Wren. The dresses do not open on back, they have elasticized neckline for easy fit. And then there is the little size, which fits my 13" Little Fig dolls. I have a set in Sweet Berries, Pink Cherries and Traveling Circus. Big dresses are $28 and little dresses are $25, plus postage. Those wee "puffy buttons" on the sides have become an addiction.

And on other news, since he was so nice about modelling dolly dresses again, Mr Gideon was allowed to model his very own papoose. Yes! I have finally downsized the papoose for the little dolls. I have been meaning to do this since last summer but only now did I have the perfect doll to model it, and to make sure everything was right. I will hopefully have a big papoose sale over the Fall, so that your kids can take their dolls on beautiful autumn walks. There will be some minor design variations to the papoose from now on, since the proportions of my dolls have changed over the years, that will make them more "user friendly" as well as more comfortable to wear.

So anyways, I hope everybody starts their week full of ideas. I will share with you Miss Brier Rose pretty soon. She is being a bit of a princess at the moment, and refuses to get in front of my camera. For now. Have a nice day!

A dust ruffle?

My sweet Amelia