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A Big Thank You with a Giveaway!

So, yes. I have finally gotten around the bend. I feel like the Summer is in full swing over here and the amount of energy I feel is superb. I've been wanting to do a giveaway for ages, but always life seems to get too too busy for me and I end up depleted, sick or with too much to chew on my plate. And life is definitely busy but I feel so good that I thought, this is the time!

I've been thinking of creative ideas on how to offer some goodies to all those people out there that have supported me for so long, that write me emails and let me know every now and then how their children are growing and playing with the dolls. So, as the first installment in this summer full of Fig&Me goodies, I thought to open with a little somepin'-somepin'.

One of the things people are always writing me about, when it comes to their dolls, or previously made dolls, is clothing. I dont have a lot of time to add a full-size wardrobe to the dolls I create (although is a long cherished dream of mine), so I thought that a good way to say thank you to those who have supported me by taking one of my dolls into their homes, is to offer them
 an entire free wardrobe.

How about that? I know many people have bought dolls made by me, second hand or have received them as gifts and it's all fine. All you have to do to enter the giveaway is 2 things:

Step No. One: leave a comment in this post, linking to the doll you have (from my flickr gallery or etsy listing) and the doll's name.

Step No. Two: send me a photo to the email: figandme(at)yahoo.ca of said doll and their child (or yourself! if the doll belongs to you) so I can see who gets to play with such a lucky dollie.

This giveaway applies to anybody who owns a Fig&Me doll. The giveaway applies per doll/per child, so if you have two kids with two dolls you can enter them both. No matter the size of your doll. I am willing to make an entire wardrobe for an 8" doll, for a 12" doll, for a 15" doll, or for those few I made that were 18" in size.

The wardrobe will consist of a spring, summer, fall and winter outfit with a few extra goodies that I am leaving out as a surprise. There will be knitting, there will be hats, there will be lots of fun!. I am leaving this giveaway open for two weeks so I can get the word out to as many people with one of my dolls as possible. Please if you have friends that own a Fig&Me doll let them know, this might be their opportunity to get an amazing set of clothes for their doll. I have many ideas of what I would love to make as an entire set, wether boy or girl, and I think we can both work together on a theme or on several things that your little one might be interested.

Good luck everybody! I cant wait to see friends from all over starting to pop up for this giveaway. I will announce a winner on Monday July 4th. You have until then to sign up and send me a photo :-).

Papoose on the loose!

Tasha, a very sweet natural doll