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The little ones: Eileen and Ethel.

The little ones: Eileen and Ethel.

If you were under the wrong assumption that they couldn't possible get any cuter…I just shattered that silly notion.

Eileen and Ethel, the little ones. Natural Cloth Art Dolls by Fig and Me.

These two little rascals have been up at odd hours, diving into buckets full of cloth, wrapping wool around their legs, choosing trims and buttons. One sews proficiently with the machine, the other one is a master at hand-stitching. Both are so eager to get into the wide, wide world. 

But first they need their garments! I say.

This is Eileen, freckle face and tanned. She spends way too much time deciding on lace and buttons, and doesn't like to take her braids down ever. By Fig and Me.

This is Ethel, a bundle of cuteness with the longest possible hair, which she likes to let loose and wild. By Fig and Me.

As mentioned in my most-recently-dispatched newsletter, I had the pleasure of revisiting my old Mini Fig pattern. It started as a tiny 8" doll and over the years it has grown to almost 12" tall. They are not quite twelve yet, but judging by those long legs…they might soon get there.

Eileen and Ethel are two little sisters who are working incredibly hard to finish their clothing. They are crafty girls and would not let anybody dress them. They have freckle faces because they spend inordinate amounts of time under the sun, gathering flowers, working on their strawberry patch, and taking leisurely walks through the country roads.

Eileen smiling at me. By Fig and Me.

Ethel, showing off her freckles. By Fig and Me.

As soon as they are finished with their clothes, I should pop them in the shop. I can't promise when (a day, or two), because they giggle too much and they are quite fickle. They mentioned hard-working overalls two days ago, and now they want to look like they came out of a Jane Austen novel. I will try to keep them in check. It's a joy to watch them work if I must confess.

More soon.

Eileen and Ethel are ready.

Eileen and Ethel are ready.

Dear Robin, there is always hope.

Dear Robin, there is always hope.