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Poet is excited, this will be her first Christmas.

Poet and our Little Santas, natural dolls by Fig and Me. 

Poet is getting very excited to see a Christmas tree. She doesn't quite believe me when I tell her we will have a live tree inside the house!. She got her long stocking hat, and we will craft all the little things together, the special handmade treats that make Christmas a special occasion in our family. Like food, and hand cut paper snowflakes, garlands of greenery and cinnamon dough ornaments. Things like that. Traditions.

Poet carrying a bunch of Little Santas, by Fig and Me.

Poet and her Christmas stocking hat, by Fig & me.

So Poet has been very busy crafting herself! She will have an assortment of Little Santas tonight in our shop at 10 pm EDT. Oh! isn't this season of "elving" and "secret crafting" so much fun? Even my girls are following after Poet's example and I am not allowed in certain parts of the house at certain times of the day, I suspect they are working in their own little presents to give away. If only they'd clean up afterwards, right? But that's fabric for another blog. In any case, I hope you can drop by the shop tonight or tomorrow, I'm sure you will find something to make you (or yours) smile. Happy First Day of Advent!. 

Starting a new tradition: Christmas bedtime stories.

Starting a new tradition: Christmas bedtime stories.

And so Sakasu finds her way.