The Little Fig doll pattern by Fig and Me.

The Little Fig doll pattern by Fig and Me.

 Cute little knees on the Little Fig doll pattern.

Cute little knees on the Little Fig doll pattern.

Frequently asked questions

As your questions start popping in, I will try my best to keep this page updated, in the hopes that whatever troubles you might encounter serve as answer to a future kindred soul.

If you would like to read up a bit more on this style of doll making, a waldorf-inspired doll like the Little Fig, please check out the following post where you can find a bit on the philosophy behind them and some handy tips:

Starting your Dollmaking Adventure

1 | I live in Europe and use A4 paper size to print, how can I know if the pattern is coming out at the right size? These are the basic measurements of the pattern on paper, so you can compare and adjust:



Total length: 30 cms (and a wee bit, depending on how you measure)

leg width: 3.2 cms

dart length: 1.2 cms

distance from crotch to point where the feet dashed markings meet (in seam): 12 cms.



shoulder to elbow: 6 cms

elbow to hand: 7.5 cms

hand width: 2.5 cms


I can recommend the following places to buy your wool batting, skin fabric plus a few odds and ends you will need.



Bear Dance Crafts | Natalie

The Olive Sparrow | Monika



Reggie's Dolls | Reggie



Little Oke Dolls | Debbie

Kamrin’s Poppenatelier | Kamrin



further help

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Thank you so much for visiting and thank you for diving into creating a doll with one of my patterns. Any questions let me know!