Cedar, a natural fiber art doll ready to play.

Little Cedar has waited ever so patiently to come and meet you all. Let's not make her wait any longer, shall we?.

Cedar, a cloth doll, natural fiber art by Fig and Me.

The morning starts always full of adventure with this little girl. When the first rays of light come through the old yellow curtains, she springs up as if awoken by a sudden noise. Big fat smile on her face, and quickly dresses while dancing and jumping all over the room.

This is one girl who does not like to keep herself inside the house. Out she must be. Trying to trick the chipmunks and tending to the moths that got caught in webs at night.

Cedar is a cloth art doll, 18" tall, made in the Petite Fig style by Fig and Me.

A quick breakfast of hot chocolate, whole wheat buns lathered in raspberry jam (we really should replenish the shelves mother says), a plate of stone fruit, all gone in a flash. She sneaks a whole potato in her dungarees, kisses mother on the cheek, and out she goes.

Why, must you ask? Go out so early into the dew-sodden garden? Oh because very early is the best time of the day, she says. You can see all kinds of birds busy greeting each other 'Good morning, good morning' they chirp back and forth.

You can witness the work of art of many spiders, with big fat and little fat dew drops, that warn you of their delicate ways. 

You can get down and admire the patience of little snails, that try to get somewhere today. Slow and steady, slow and steady they seem to say.

Walking all the way around the garden, pass the tree line, into the raspberry bushes. If you sit under them you can pretend you are covered in rubies. But these are obviously better than rubies, you can eat them! And they are so tart and sweet and they come off the spiny branch so humbly. I love raspberries, and blackberries, and blueberries, and gooseberries, and salmon berries, and pin cherries, and all sorts of berries I do.

Raspberry rubies for your mid-morning snack. 

Once you eaten the fattest ones, and claimed a big loud Hurrah! to the squirrels and the birds. You were early, you were early, they were not! you can sit and plot the day's adventures under their shade. It's always much better to plot adventures under the shade of a raspberry bush I say. All sorts of good ideas come to you.

One, for example, to illustrate the mental progress of raspberry-induced thinking, is to go and stuff lots of cedar branches into all the chipmunk holes you find. These nut-activists are not aware of the bug-clearing properties of cedar, and one ought to tell them, or at least show them.

Would be better to do it with lavender, but then the poor nuts must end up tasting like it and we don't know if chipmunks take to that. One must not angry the chipmunks or they won't let you have a moment's peace the rest of your life.

After getting all your best ideas, while resting under and chomping on the bright red goodness of them raspberries, you can take a break. Yes, another break. Make yourself a good hammock with bracken leaves, or a cozy nest of moss and twigs. The forest is so full of things you can use, but you always have to ask permission first.

I like playing hide and seek under the big bracken leaves or play with the fuzzy-wuzzy children of the burdock tree. I collect lots of kindling for the fire, and always bring a garland of stolen treasure for mother to see. Though sometimes I forget to un-stuff my pocket and mother only finds it after doing laundry. All that treasure! all washed up! YUCK.

Cedar, an all-natural cloth art doll by Fig and Me. 

Cedar, a natural cloth art doll by Fig and Me. 

In the afternoons is better to play by the beach. The air smells so good and you can see lots of loons and ducks and other birds too. I like to sit in my mossy tree stump and watch them.

I count all the different bits of moss and lichen I can see and I've named quite a few. Funny thing is they change through out the years and I can't keep track of them. But we are good friends and when they are covered in snow I make sure to let them get some sunlight.

It's hot in the afternoon so you can bunch up your pants like I do and toss the hat and vest if you can manage. I know mother is always with one eye out peeking. I better keep the vest.

I like to collect wildflowers at sunset, when they have had a whole day of pretty light to collect. I get a spool of thread and I wrap them onto themselves and make myself a crown. I like big flower crowns best, and rubies for breakfast.

How about you? What are your day's adventures like?

Well, we shall cut Cedar's banter right there or we will never get anything done. I hope you are able to see a bit of her personality from this glorious description of what a day's worth of play and laugh looks like. Cedar is a doll full of mirth and hope. Those are the best words I could find to describe her. It is my deepest wish she finds a home where she can inspire both.

As all my dolls Cedar is made with all natural materials, a lot of love, patience and care. I decided to knit more intensely for Cedar than I normally do, but I think all those little things add a lot to her chirpy character.

Cedar is an 18" Petite Fig style doll, hand made by me. She is stuffed and sculpted very firmly with wool, she is covered in cotton fabric, eyes embroidered and freckles hand-painted. Her hair is mohair weft hand-sewn to a wool cap. 

Cedar comes wearing this full outfit plus two little accessories we didn't manage to photograph: a linen scarf and a practical satchel (to store all her treasure). She is wearing a pair of cotton/linen dungarees, that close with snaps and have wooden buttons + a pretty hand-knit front pocket. Underwear is made of jersey, and socks made of vintage cotton ribbing. Her vest and boots were knit with wool/alpaca and are fine but hard-working. Her shirt is made of Liberty of London fabric, and her pointy bonnet was knit with angora/cotton yarn and has two wool felt beads at the end of its ties. At the moment I don't have access to a serger, so all clothing seams are just zigzagged, and not serged like my regular clothing. Hope you don't mind.

If you would like to bring Cedar home, please enter your details in the form below. Her price is $1250 USD plus postage (to the US/Canada $45, International needs a revised quote based on your preferred shipping method). Cedar will be taking entries until Saturday August 5th at 9 AM EST. At that time we will select a person at random to purchase and invoice will be sent via Paypal which is due then. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

- - -  Thank you kindly to all of you that wished to bring Miss Cedar home. She has now picked a very nice family to play with and we hope they all have a lot of fun together. I shall be back soon to introduce you to another little lady!. 

Little knitted shoes for Cedar, a cloth art doll. Stepping on soft mossy logs. By Fig and Me.



Enjoys sunsets, lakes and wildflowers in her hair...

If you are entering to bring Cedar home, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It has been quite the adventure on this side of the screen, to bring her to life, to see her become her quirky little self, and to see one more of my dolls being born amongst the birch and the cedar, sung to bed by loons, and cradled in moss...once again. 

I wish you all good luck, and will be back bright and early on Saturday to let you know of Cedar's fate. Any questions just please ask me by email at fabs(at)figandme.com 

See you soon!.

Cedar, a summer girl enjoying the sunset over the lake. By Fig and Me.

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Millicent, car trouble and split personality.

When you are a doll, life can be hard sometimes. Like having to push your racer because it keeps running out of gas. Or is it the carburator?

Millicent, signaling a turn. By Fig and Me. 

"You have to pay attention to the road. Oh look! a turtle dove! crash. "

"No, no, seriously. You have to pay attention to the road. Like for example, when you want to make a turn, you stick your wee arm like this, see? and then you make the turn. It's real hard when its the other way because then you have to do it with the other arm and I don't like driving with the other arm. It makes me tired. So I always try to turn to the right, if I can help it."

Millicent, a poseable art doll, all sculpted in wool with inner armature, and interchangeable wigs. By Fig and me. 

Millicent, a poseable art doll by Fig and Me. 

"See how hard it is? to drive with the other hand? You get tired."

"Also, one of the rules of the road is always wear fashionable accessories. Dang it! I forgot my goggles! Goggles are very important, they keep the mosquitoes out of your eyes that's why!".

"So for example (Millicent likes to say 'for example'), let me explain, I have my helmet, just in case I get in an accident. I bumped into a chicken once. Nobody got hurt, promise!. I also have my red pompom, it makes me look official, right? And I have my scarf, that I wrap around me mouth so I don't swallow mosquitoes…or bats or something."

"I also have my woollen cape. Fabs over there, has a thing for capes. I don't really think it's necessary but she wanted to make me one so I said yes. Gotta humour the poor woman, she likes sewing so, what else?".


Millicent, taking her car out for a spin. By Fig and Me. 

"See? And also, one other rule is you got to say goodbye. Try to keep at least one hand on the wheel. Ooops. I forgot!".

"The worst is where you run out of gas. Oh lord, I run out of gas all the time. If you get really tired there is just no other way to get home than to push your car. Gotta be done sweetheart, this baby ain't gonna' take himself home."

Gotta push this baby home. Oops…I forgot my shoes again! via Fig and Me.

"When you don't feel like being an ace of the road, and you feel more like being a pampered princess, then you gotta change. Bibi-di-bum or hocus pocus or cha-ching. A new person is out. I am Millicent, the princess likes to be called Millie. Entiende?".

Millie, a poseable art doll by Fig and Me. 

"Hi, I'm Millie, nice to meet you. I like to kiss frogs and drop golden balls in the river. Or is the other way around? Oh dear, I've forgotten now!".

"Well, it doesn't matter. I also like sunrises, and sunsets. The smell of the ocean when it sprays your face, and the smell of freshly-baked bread. I like to crumple sheets with my bare feet, and to colour my lips with the juice of berries."

"I read books all day, on the wooden doll chair. I fold napkins, always in six, and like two dollops of cream on my pancakes. Do you like pancakes?".

"I like to wear pretty dresses but some times I forget my socks. I wish I had very long hair, like Rapunzel. Mom says my hair will grow out longer, longer, when I am older. I go to bed and wish for it."


Millie, carrying her flowers. BY Fig and Me.

"I still believe in Santa, even though some mean kids say he's not real. He's real if you believe in him, right?. Mother says so. I like making bouquets and pressing flowers. I hope can be friends!".

Well there you have it. Millicent. Oh, how to put in words what she is to me? I really think I can't. I let her do her split personality thing because I just find it so endearing, but it's not really a split personality, it's more like pretend. She embodies pretend and imaginative play like no other doll I've met (much to Poet's chagrin, but she agrees).

She can be rough and tumble and go under her car to fix "the tubes" (bless her!) and then next moment, change into her white dress and dance on the grass all day. I have never seen a doll that loved to play so much as her.

I hope I haven't kept you waiting too long and that you had fun reading about the rules of the road and the many likes of Miss Millie. Who, by the way, is looking for a kind-hearted family that can adopt her and all her goodies, and bring her home.

Millie is an art doll, all sculpted in wool with an inner armature (not made of wire) that allows her to be posed and sustain her poses for fun and play. She is 16,5" tall, has embroidered eyes and blushes easily. Millie comes with two wigs, one made by me, the other one bought. Her brunnette wig is a mohair Kemper doll wig (size 7"/8") and her blonde wig is made with four shades of doll mohair. Both wigs come off, none are sewn to her head. You can buy Millie all sorts of wigs in t his size and have fun changing her personality. Also, due to the scale of Millie, she fits in most MSD sized clothing for BJDs.

Millie comes to you with loads of goodies, to hopefully entice you to play the day away:

Racing Outfit

  • Gray cotton pointelle shirt, with cashmere elbow patches.
  • Raw linen overalls, with patch pockets, wooden buttons and snaps.
  • Underwear.
  • Cashmere blue socks.
  • Car racing, red pompom accessory.
  • Brown velvet and alpaca helmet with wooden button.
  • Blue cotton long scarf
  • Leather goggles.
  • Wool plaid cape, lined with linen and cashmere ribbing.

Fancy Outfit

  • White linen dress, with peau de soie on bodice and lined with organic cotton. Two crystals on centre front, and cotton lace on short sleeves. The skirt has a double layer of fancy soft tulle. 
  • Petticoat made of organic cotton, with fitted waist and wooden button, and handmade crochet scallop lace on hem.
  • (Both dress and petticoat are shorter at front and longer at back).
  • Repurposed wool capelet, lined with cotton jersey, shabby chic metal button and knitted inner secret pocket.
  • Vintage handmade cotton lace head band.
  • Wool flats.

Wooden Car

Millicent comes with her very own wooden racer, made of beautiful hard woods such as walnut, maple burl, maple, etc. This item was lovingly handmade by my husband. The car fits Millicent and other dolls of similar size.

Doll, clothing and car recommended for older children (8+) or adult collectors.

Now Millicent is the work of love of many hours, all enjoyable to me. I have seen the growth and slow evolution of my Mannikin style and I adore the little ladies they've become. I am very proud and happy with the way Millicent came to be and hope she can find a home where she is played with and enjoyed, the very reason I made her.

The price of Millicent is something I have wondered far too much. I went a bit overboard with her clothing, but truth be told, I was having way too much fun. I can't be helped sometimes. The hours alone that Derek, my husband, put into the construction of her wooden car, are staggering. So we would like to offer Millicent for purchase the following way:

We would like to receive a total of $1800 USD for the doll, her clothing and wooden car (plus postage, around $75 USD to the US and Canada). We realize this is a very high price, so we are offering Millie as a "Make me an Offer" with the following considerations.

If you can't afford to pay that price, offer what you can, all serious offers please. It doesn't matter it's not what we would like to get, it matters to us that you offer what you can pay. If, on the other hand, you would like to offer more, then by all means go ahead. But please only offer what you feel comfortable spending on this set. 

To my previous customers, people I know and trust, I offer a short payment plan if that is your wish. Whatever your offer is, we can divide it into two payments. First half tomorrow, when the doll is sold to you, and then the balance within a month. 

It goes to say that Millicent will go to the person who places the higher offer, even if that is below the retail we are requesting. We really want her to find a home and we don't want to hinder her chances due to my overexcited sewing heart. 

So now, the details. If you are wishing to place an offer on Millicent, please enter your details. If you need a payment plan, please write your options at the end of the note to the little rascal, so that we can chat about it when the time is right. I am going to bed wishing for Millie to find her true home. 

She will receive offers until tomorrow Sunday July 17th at 7 PM MST (9 PM EST).

- - - Millicent and her fast car have found a home. Thank you kindly to everybody that volunteered to welcome her in your family. I can't promise I will make another Mannikin real soon, but I sure hope it doesn't take me a year and a half like last time. Lots of hugs from sunny Mexico!.

Millicent having some car trouble. By Fig and me. 

I sure hope she doesn't encounter car trouble much more, and that she spends a happy life, racing and kissing frogs. Thank you for coming to read about her, and if you are being brave and volunteering to bring her home, please know that we are grateful for your kindness beyond compare.

I will see you all tomorrow. I leave you with this sweetness. Good night!. 

Millie, a poseable art doll by Fig and Me.