Learn about dollmaking with Fabs from Fig and Me. Workshops for 2018.

Learn about dollmaking with Fabs from Fig and Me. Workshops for 2018.


2018 sure is keeping me busy!

And so will you, if you decide to come and learn with me in one of the many workshops I will be teaching this incredible year. Following are the places and dates, as well as some of the workshops I have decided to teach. Any questions feel free to ask!.


El Paso, Texas

September 14th - 16th
Price $465 USD
Making a 15" natural fiber art doll with Fig and Me. Registration will open VERY SOON. Price includes all materials to make your doll. This is an ADVANCED doll making workshop. We will start on Friday at 5 PM to 8 PM. Saturday will run from 9 AM to 6 PM and same for Sunday. Hotel is right next to the airport so there is no need to rent a car. More details soon. 


Portland, Oregon

I will be attending the magical doll convention Doll Folk for its inaugural year in 2019. I have come up with three different workshops to suit different levels of doll making. Please check them out and contact me should you have any questions.

Advanced Doll Making Workshop for a 12" Art Doll
February 7-8, 2019
Price $475 USD
During 2019 I will be teaching a different doll workshop than my 15" doll taught during 2018. This doll will have some of the same qualities: needle-felted face, advanced doll body construction, wool rolling for limbs, 6-year old body proportions, but this time there are a few different things: we will be using a pre-made doll wig, we will be sculpting the torso and the size of the finished doll will be 12". I think this guarantees that we can finish the doll in two short days. Price includes all materials, plus a very detailed PDF pattern to make more dolls at home. Workshop runs from 10 AM to 7 PM on both days.
Registration for this workshop will open soon, limited space available. 

Mastering the Rolling Wool Method
February 9, 2019
Price $225 USD
A wonderful technique that helps you achieve ultra firm and smooth limbs when stuffing dolls and toys. Price includes wool to practice and I will bring doll pattern pieces to stuff, you are welcomed to bring your own if you want me to teach you to stuff your own pattern. Wool wands will be provided to learn this technique but are not included in the price of the workshop. I will have a few for sale should you want to take one home with you. Workshop runs from 9 AM to 12 PM on Saturday.
Registration will open soon, limited space available.

Needle-felting a Doll's Face in Wool
February 9, 2019
Price $350 USD
Learn to sculpt facial features with the wonders of wool fibers and special barbed needles. This is an Advanced Doll Making workshop and it would be very helpful if you already know a little bit of needle-felting or have sculpted doll faces with needle and string. This is an ideal workshop if you want to learn advanced doll making techniques to add more depth and expression to your doll creations. Price of the workshop includes all materials needed. We will be sculpting a doll's head + face, and covering it in fabric. Embroidery, body pattern and any other techniques will not be covered. Workshop will run on Saturday from 2 PM to 8 PM. 
Registration will open soon, limited space available.

I had the firm intention of hosting more in-person workshops this year but unfortunately that will not be the case. I will however have exciting surprises for you regarding future classes, events and workshops, so if you are interested just get in touch with me.

If you are interested in any of the workshops listed, or have a request, drop me a line: