Learn about dollmaking with Fabs from Fig and Me. Workshops for 2018.

Learn about dollmaking with Fabs from Fig and Me. Workshops for 2018.


2019 is going to be exciting!

Following are the places and dates, as well as some of the workshops I have scheduled for the coming year. Any questions feel free to ask.


Newton Abbot, UK

I will be returning to the magical land of south Devon early this summer, hoping to see old friends and meet some new ones. I will be teaching in two separate dates, in order to accommodate more schedules and dollmakers, chances are I won’t be able to return to Devon in 2020.

Advanced Doll Making Workshop for a 12" Art Doll
Price $468 USD (PLUS 89 GBP to Little Oke Dolls)
Workshop payments will be issued to both Debbie Poole/Little Oke Dolls and me.

During 2019 I will be teaching a different doll workshop than my 15" doll taught during 2018. This doll will have the following qualities: needle-felted face with a wired neck for poseability, advanced doll body construction, 6-year old body proportions; we will be using a pre-made doll wig and you will add weft to the wig cap; sculpt the torso with needle felting techniques; needle-sculpt knees, elbows and a sweet bum. The size of the finished doll will be 11”/12” in height. Price includes all materials to create the doll and Debbie will supply all necessary tools for us. Workshop runs from 9 AM to 7 PM on both days, with a one-hour break for lunch. Lunch, coffee and tea are included in the price of the workshop.

If you would like to attend this workshop, you can read more about it over here: Fig and Me Art Doll Workshop in Newton Abbot>>>

The following places are being considered, but I still don’t have definite dates to give you:
Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Summer 2019
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA - Fall 2019
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada - Winter 2019

For 2020 my workshop schedule is already filling up. I will give you definite dates as times gets near, but for now I can tell you I will be teaching in the following places:
Hawaii, USA | February 2020
Belgium | European Waldorf Doll Seminar June 2020
Spain | June 2020
Portugal | July 2020

If you are interested in attending any of these workshops, I keep a handy "waiting list" and the people on such list are emailed as soon as I open registration for a particular workshop. Please get in touch with me regarding the workshop that best suits your location or is the closest to you.

If you are interested in hosting me to teach a workshop in your city, you can also get in touch with me and we can discuss my workshop schedule. Just click on the button below.