The Wee Baby doll pattern by Fig and Me is simple and easy. With few materials you accomplish this sweet little doll in a short time. Squishy and perfect for young hands.

Thank you so much for embarking on the wonderful journey of creating a Wee Baby with this Fig & Me pattern. I have included some considerations regarding fabric choices, places where you can buy the materials. If you have any issues don't hesitate to contact me. 





Main Fabric. The pattern calls for cashmere or wool knit fabric. I have always used [repurposed sweaters] to make my sweet babies, so I recommend you do the same. Pay attention to the fibre content of your sweater, and choose something that is a 100% natural. Not only will it age with more grace, but the end result will be much cuter. I would stay away from using cotton sweaters as the fabric behaves very differently when stuffing it. I recommend and have used a-plenty: cashmere, lambswool, merino, wool + blends (angora, etc). My favourite is cashmere. Stay away from heavily felted fabric, from sweaters that are very thick and/or heavy, from heavily patterned knitted fabric, cables, etc.

Lining. For the jersey used to lined the doll, just use something light. Do not use interlock as it is more firm and stretches different. 100% cotton jersey is the trick.

Stuffing. You are going to be using wool batting, do abstain from using polyfill as it just doesn't work like wool does. If you are allergic to wool you can use corn fiber but I am unable to tell you how it works as I have never used it before. Wool batting is basically carded wool, that is sold in big long sheet rolls. It is not the same as "roving" or "pencil roving". 



I can recommend the following places to buy your wool batting, skin fabric plus a few odds and ends you will need.



Bear Dance Crafts | Natalie

The Olive Sparrow | Monika



Reggie's Dolls | Reggie



Little Oke Dolls | Debbie

Kamrin’s Poppenatelier | Kamrin



Create a little bunny doll, with excellent tips and step-by-step construction. Pattern by Fig and Me.

For those that bought the pattern before December 2017, you can now find the added ear patterns to make a Wee Baby Bear or a Wee Baby Kitten. Just click on the download button and you will receive the PDF. 

If you make this Wee Baby yourself and would be so kind to show me, tag it on Instagram #weebabydollpattern so I can see it or send me a photo via email at fabs(at)figandme.com

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