Take an online doll making class with Fabs from Fig and Me.

Take an online doll making class with Fabs from Fig and Me.


I am very happy to let you know more about my #onlinedollclass which will take place during the months of April and September every year.

I have added this page to give you all a bit more information regarding the class schedule, what we will be making and all pertinent info so you can decide whether this is something you wish to embark on at this time in your life. Read on and any questions, feel free to let me know. Use the Contact Me button at the end of this page.


How will the class be imparted?

We will start the class at the beginning of the corresponding month, and it will run for the rest of the month. Every week (Fridays and Wednesdays) I will release a class with several video lessons, that will teach you step-by-step how to create your own fairy doll. This so you can schedule some doll making time when it best suits you. We will try to all work together at the same pace, since the class will be slowly released as the month progresses.

Every weekend, I will have a schedule with 3 to 4 different time slots, so that I can accommodate different time zones and suit your schedule; we will then meet in a virtual classroom so I can judge your week’s progress and give you feedback on your doll creation. You only have to attend ONE meeting each weekend, I will just give you a chance to choose whatever time works best for you.

You will need to attend these weekend meetings (remember, only once per weekend) in order for me to allow you to continue with the class. Failure to do so will mean you forfeit your class payment and you will not be allowed access to the rest of the material. This is with the express intention that I can give you feedback and guide you with pertinent information in the creation of your doll. This also helps with accountability so you actually finish your class and make your doll.

You will be added to a private group on Facebook where you can post questions as they arise in your making and I will be answering questions regarding the lessons there.

The class ends at the end of the month. I will expect photos of your finished doll by then so that we can have a Graduation ceremony. We want to be able to celebrate the completion of your class and the beautiful fairy you will have created.


What doll are we making?

We will create a Beginner | Intermediate doll.

This creature is a Fairy, she is 10” tall and has needle-felted face, fairy body proportions (not exact human body proportions), fairy ears, her hair is made with two different techniques: crochet a mohair cap and then add pre-made weft. The doll is stuffed with wool, body is lined, and she is assembled by hand.

You will receive a PDF template for the pattern pieces, but you will not receive written instruction to be printed. The class is entirely imparted through videos, which come with lots of annotations; each video has a thorough description of the process being taught + tips and areas to pay most attention to.

If you have made dolls before, cloth dolls or simpler Waldorf-inspired dolls, then this is a class suitable for you. If you don’t have any doll making experience that is OK but If you don’t know how to use a sewing machine, have never done hand-embroidery or hand-sewing, perhaps it is best to try your hand with one of my doll patterns. You can find them over here>>>.

Some of the techniques this class entails are: sewing with a sewing machine, hand-stitching, doing a cap in crochet (I will provide videos for everything you need to do), embroidering doll eyes, sculpting with needle and thread, sculpting with felting needles, stuffing with wool (no rolling wool), so we cover a lot of doll making procedures which mostly I consider basic to intermediate in level of difficulty.


What tools and materials are necessary to create the doll?

You will be given an exact list of materials once you purchase your class spot. However, these are all the tools and materials you will need:

Tools: sewing machine [nothing fancy, all we need is a sturdy straight stitch] and Universal sewing needles, large gauge metal knitting needle, hemostats or forceps [not strictly required but they come in very handy], felting needles in different gauges, a handle to hold several felting needles at once, pins, scissors, disappearing fabric marker, stitch markers, crochet hook, hand sewing needles, embroidery needles, long doll making needles, measuring tape, metal sewing gauge [the one with the plastic slider at top], wool wand or other stuffing implement [wooden dowel, knitting needle, etc],

Materials: cotton doll skin [interlock or jersey, it is up to you], wool batting, stockinette or inner gauze, cotton interlock to line the body [white if the skin colour is light; if the skin colour is dark, you can choose a lighter shade of whatever colour you selected-you do not need to line the body with the same doll skin fabric but this is also an option if it’s much easier for you], craft thread, red beeswax block or crayon, sewing thread that matches the chosen skin tone, doll making mohair yarn + mohair weft [both in similar colour - you can choose to make the weft yourself with wool or alpaca locks but that procedure is not taught in the class, you can however purchase this tutorial that shows you how to do it], sewing thread that matches the hair colour, embroidery thread in eye colour, embroidery thread in eye lash colour + lip colour.

Clothes: I will show you how to make a simple dress that will fit your doll. This will be a free tutorial published on my blog. I will also give you a free knitting pattern to create the fairy wings for the doll and a cute little hat.


How much does the class cost and what is included?

The price for the class is $436 USD (GST/HST billed separately to Canadian residents). It includes access to all the videos, pattern templates, instruction and support for the entire month.

This price does not include any materials or tools that you will need to create the doll. Those are up to you to source and choose.


How can I pay for the class?

You can purchase the listing once the class is open for booking and that will give you a spot in the class. I normally open registration abut two or weeks before the class begins.

Learn how to make a fairy doll with Fig and Me. Online doll class for October 2018.

Learn how to make a fairy doll with Fig and Me. Online doll class for October 2018.


You are taking this class to create a doll for yourself, or a loved one. You are not allowed to sell the doll as this is not your design. You can make as many dolls as you wish, but you do not have permission to sell any doll using the template provided, or any dolls made with alterations or modifications to that template.

You are not allowed to share the templates or reproduce them in any way.

Access to the class is given to you only. You are not allowed to share the material or provide special passwords or access to somebody else in your name. You will be granted access to a private area of my website where the class will take place, and if more than one person logs in to the website using your password, you will forfeit your class payment and will lose access to the class. Same for the Facebook group and private virtual classroom.

I am providing a warm, beautiful, safe and comfortable environment for you to learn doll making. I hope you take this opportunity with the care a fairy requires and the excitement of embarking on a new journey.

I have taken great care and many, many hours, to create all this material for you. I have done this at the request of so many of you, who have expressed sadness and frustration at being unable to take one of my in-person workshops, due to distance or cost.

I know that leaving your family, the cost of traveling, accommodation and the expense of taking the doll workshop, makes this delightful experience unattainable for so many of you.

My way of repairing this flaw is to provide you with an online class, so I can further your doll making journey with a bit more ease and at less expense to you, all from the comfort of your own home, working at your own pace and time during a whole month.

I am beyond excited to welcome you into my doll making studio, to show you step-by-step how to create this lovely fairy, to talk to all of you, hear your concerns, questions and chit-chat, and to provide the environment in which your fairy doll dreams can become a reality.

Thank you for taking the time to read this through. If something is unclear, or you need more info, please get in touch with me.

Let’s make a fairy together!